“Healing Addictions through Education, Treatment, and Native Traditions” 

5th Annual Professional Development Training on
Indigenous Prevention/Treatment Strategies on
Substance Use and Other Drug Related Issues

April 12 – 17, 2015

Embassy Suites ✶ Albuquerque

1000 Woodward Place NE

Albuquerque, NM 87102

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The Native American Training Institute, Inc. provides training in the development and implementation of culture, strengths, and spiritual based programs for Native and non-Native people that inspire leadership, healing and wellness to combat alcohol and substance use/abuse and other behavioral health related issues.

History of the Native American Training Institute’s Annual School

In 1974 American Indian Training Institute, Inc. was established in Sacramento, California by David Vallo, President and his wife, Maxine and set on a crusade to bring a one of a kind Indian School to Native American communities working in the field of Alcohol Addictions and Substance Use/Abuse and Other Behavioral Health Related Issues. Mr. Vallo’s vision was to assist Native Americans to live a sober and prosperous life.   And as years went on the vision changed to training Service Providers to become skilled therapists in their field of work.  For 34 years Mr. Vallo diligently prepared each year to be a unique Annual School for all who participated annually whether it was for personal growth or certification or re-certification for their profession.

In 2010, he announced that he was retiring and wanted to hand down the school to someone who was committed as he was.  Hence, Patrick Trujillo and Marie Kirk were approached to take on this task for the 2011 Annual School. With a newly Corporation, Board of Directors and Planning Committee to continue the only school of its kind devoted to addressing alcohol and substance use/abuse prevention, intervention and treatment from a distinctly Native American perspective.

Native American Training Institute’s Planning:

The Native American Training Institute, Inc. planning committee members are experts in the field of Alcoholism and Other Behavioral Health Related Issues including HIV/AIDS/STDs.  The planners bring a wealth of education and experience that directly translates into an effective annual school agenda. Each meeting is opened with a prayer to start the process in a good way to deliver the utmost Professional Development Training for participants.  

The Planners are responsible for making decisions about speakers, scholarships, save-the-date card, brochure, abstract and annual school agenda.  The Planners have an equal voice in the planning process and the responsibilities are divided among the Planners.

The Annual School begins with the potent and inspirational “Inter-Faith Ceremony,” led by a traditional spiritual leader.  This creates a spirit of harmony and balance setting the tone for a week of effective learning experiences. 

The Annual School includes over twenty informative and interactive, day-long workshops delivered by leaders, researchers, and practitioners from across the continuum of substance abuse and mental health services.  The Annual School also offers the Talking Circle; the Sweat Lodge purification ritual to participants. The Talking Circle provides a safe and nurturing space for everyone to share their experiences, thoughts and feelings about the many challenges we face in our lives. The principle of confidentially is adhered to in reference to what is disclosed during the talking circle. The Sweat Lodge is like a small sauna where individuals come to pray, meditate and be purified.

Native American Training Institute Annual School Theme:

5th Annual Professional Development and Training on Indigenous Prevention/Treatment Strategies on Substance Use and Other Behavioral Health Issues.

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Native American Training Institute, Inc.
1208 San Pedro NE, #126 • Albuquerque, NM  87110