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NATI provides training in the development and implementation of culture, strengths, and spiritual based programs for Natives and non-native people.

History of the Native American Training Institute’s Annual School

In 1974, the American Indian Training Institute, Inc. was established in Sacramento, California, by David Vallo, president, and his wife, Maxine, who both were set on a crusade to bring one of a kind Indian School to Native American communities working in the field of alcohol addictions and substance use/abuse and other behavioral health related Issues. Mr. Vallo’s vision was to assist Native Americans to live a sober and prosperous life. As years went on, the vision changed to training Service Providers to become skilled therapists in their field of work. For more than 34 years, Mr. Vallo diligently prepared the unique annual school for all who participated annually, whether it was for personal growth, certification or re-certification for their profession.

In 2010, after announcing retirement, Mr. Vallo handed down the school to those who were as committed as he was. Patrick Trujillo and Marie Kirk continued Mr. Vallo's legacy with the annual school in 2011 with a new corporation, Board of Directors and Planning Committee to continue the only school of its kind devoted to addressing alcohol and substance use/abuse prevention, intervention and treatment from a distinctly Native American perspective.

Native American Training Institute Annual School Theme

In 2015, the 5th Annual Professional Development and Training on Indigenous Prevention/Treatment Strategies on Substance Use and Other Behavioral Health Issues will be held in April.


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2016 NATI Professional Training Program

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